The 9th edition of FIX performance art festival will be held 10th-15th November 2011 in Catalyst Arts and around the city centre of Belfast.

Over 5 days, 22 performances will explore how improvisation operates at the heart of actions and is open to all forms of performance art including sound art, participatory, interventionist and networked. The program offers a selection of artists from Serbia, USA, Iraq, Germany alongside local artists.

Katherine Araniello & Aaron Williamson (DAG), Marko Bogdanovic, Nenad Bogdanovic, Poshya Kakl & Sinéad O’Donnell, Brian Patterson & Elvira Santamaría, Caroline Pugh & Paul Stapleton, Anne Quail, Andrea Theis, Bbeyond, Nadia Salom, Jan Uprichard, Acitore Artezione and MA Art in Public:The Adapt and Survive Collective: -Susanne Bosch (GER/NI), Astrid Bin (CA), Alice Burns (NI), Seamus Dunbar (ROI), Marie Flaherty (ROI), Suzan Inan (CH), Rob Ireson (ROI/UK), Clara Kane (ROI), Martin Krenn (Austria/NI), Sarah MacKeever (NI), Ciara O’Malley (NI), Dan Shipsides (NI)